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(210) 991-9991

Southwest Airlines callback number. They informed my wife that a flight of hers had been cancelled by weather.

3/3/2014 11:46:20
(682) 990-9646

The FBI reports breakins blah blah blah. I answered and said can you come right now I have a dead body buried in the basement and I don't want the police to break in. When he started talking I just sat the phone down and let him talk until he finally hung up. Then I blocked the number. Just gotta mess with them sometimes.

5/3/2014 10:20:36
(219) 992-9828


3/3/2014 14:02:45
(859) 993-0327

Want to know if this company is on the up an up

5/3/2014 7:31:04

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Results for (215) 991-xxxx

City Philadelphia
State Pennsylvania (PA)
Zip Codes 19019, 19099, 19176
Geo-coordinates Latitude: 40.03 | Longitude: -75.17
Service Provider Verizon Pennsylvania, Inc - Pa

Every single component of a city within the U.S. is allocated a distinctive code, which is the phone exchange and area code. 215 is one such code, that has been assigned to a specific area in Philadelphia, PA. To understand exactly where this area lies on a map, one can examine the latitude and longitude, that happen to be 40.03 and -75.17 correspondingly. These land line phones are run majorly by Verizon Pennsylvania, Inc - Pa.

The Area, Zipcodes and Timezone

It is usually observed, that the formerly discussed exchange and area code, roughly speaking includes a land-area of 347321129 sq meters, and a water-area of 22289408 square meters. In this particular zone, the succeeding zip-codes are present - 19019, 19099, 19176. This place belongs inside the UTC-5 time-zone.

Population and Age

Referring to the public, in the area, the population has been estimated to be 1526006. This consists of 719813 males and 806193 women. The adult (beyond 18) population is 1182169. The kid’s (under 5) population is 101053. The older people’s (above 65) population is 185309. With the total number of people, the average age of the residents is estimated to be 33.5. A home in this part has got a typical size of 2.45.


The location is expected to possess a total of 670171 built homes. 599736 are said to be utilized and 70435 are documented to be empty. The number of residences that are lived in by the property owners themselves has been expected to be 839307. On the other hand, 275200 residences are given on rent payments.

215-991 Area Code/Exchange Map in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Comments 215-991-xxxx

  • 215-613-8567
    Anonymous says : Mar 7, 2014 at 04:00 pm phone company I
  • 215-381-5894
    Anonymous says : Mar 7, 2014 at 03:31 pm So far as of 6:14pm we have received 7 calls from this number. This number does the same as other posts rings twice and hands up. Tired of the calls and has come to the point of harassment
  • 215-323-5120
    Anonymous says : Mar 7, 2014 at 04:16 am As Good As It Gets LLC2658 E Ontario St, North Philadelphia, PA 19134(215) 323-5120Our company provides residential and commercial flooring services. Free estimates and customer satisfaction guaranteed. Call us now
  • 215-622-2630
    Anonymous says : Mar 6, 2014 at 08:35 pm they are abunch of asssssholes
  • 215-253-5527
    Anonymous says : Mar 6, 2014 at 05:51 pm Wrong number for me, too, but they're quite persistent. Motived by a commenter above, I called back on this number, and quickly got a live human, who looked up the number, confirmed the name, and removed my number from their list.Again, we'll see, but I was encouraged by the gentleman's frankness on the phone. It's a waste of their time, too, to call the wrong folks, even if it's just a robot doing it.
  • 215-271-4500
    Anonymous says : Mar 6, 2014 at 05:51 pm I called the number and they said that someone is spoofing their number, and calling CA (where I live) using it.
  • 215-910-1114
    Anonymous says : Mar 6, 2014 at 04:20 pm These guys are phishers/scammers. They are just trying to extract your information out of you. I have spoken to one of their representatives several times and asked to be removed from their list, pointing out that I am registered on the National Do Not Call list. This often results in them hanging up on me, or just patronizing me. They still call me every day. It is a complete mystery to me why the FBI hasn't shut them down.
  • 215-535-5040
    Anonymous says : Mar 6, 2014 at 04:20 pm This was a recorded message saying to press 3 to speak to someone. Have also received the same message in the past.
  • 215-278-4044
    Anonymous says : Mar 6, 2014 at 01:17 pm Received a number of calls from this number and only 1 voicemail with 5 seconds of dead air. Suspect this is a telemarketer.
  • 215-622-2865
    Anonymous says : Mar 6, 2014 at 09:06 am This place keeps calling. Twice I politely asked for my name to be removed and both times the person hung up on me. I've called the number back and recording states to press 1 to be removed from their call list I've done this and the calls continue.

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